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Civic Center, originally the Fayette Grammar School, built in the 1930’s and restored in 1982. There are now over 4000 pieces in the permanent collection with over 500 running feet of display space on the main floor of the Civic Center and 6 folk art galleries downstairs, as well as a gallery used for the Director/Curator's office.

Artists include internationally known Fayette native Jimmy Lee Sudduth; Rev. Benjamin F. Perkins; Fred Webster of Berry; Sybil Gibson of Jasper; Jessi LaVon of central Alabama; Wanda Teel of north Alabama; Moses T and Doug Odom of south Alabama; Margarette Scruggs of Walker county, and Lois Wilson of Fayette. Other folk and mainstream 20-century American artists are also represented.

The Fayette Art Museum put Fayette (pop. 5,000) on the tourist map when in 1999 National Geographic flagged the museum as a regional attraction.

For more historical and booking information about the Civic Center check it out on the city's website at and join them on their page under Fayette Alabama Civic Center.

*17th Annual

Festival of Trees

November 30 - December 29

Fayette Arts Festival





Cell phone________________________



*The articles must be original art, prints, or crafts, handmade by the artist or craftsman ONLY.

**$70 PER SPACE @ ________ SPACES

       (Judged Art & Craft Exhibit)

Check your Judging Category:

___ Fine Art   ____ Folk Art   ____Craft

**$60 PER SPACE @ ________ SPACES

       (Non-Judged Art & Craft Exhibit)

___ Fine Art   ____ Folk Art   ____Craft


Description of ART or CRAFT: _______________________________



*Food vendors be prepared to obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit from the Fayette Co. Health Department.

*Please provide following information:

Food Items: _____________________________




Will you require electricity for your concession? Yes___ No___   

Type of line: ___110  ___220

      Trailer Size_____________

**$75 PER SPACE @ ________ SPACE

(Concession, Specialty, Kiddie rides Activity booths, etc.)


$30 fee for returned checks

FEE ENCLOSED:  $______________  



Mon - Fri: 9AM - 12PM & 1PM - 4PM

(for group tours or other times call or email us)

Sat & Sun: Closed

Museum is FREE & open to the public!


2023 Fayette Art Museum Annual Events:

*53rd Fayette Arts Festival

September 9, 2023

9 am - 3pm 

 Fayette Civic Center/Art Museum

530 Temple Ave. N.

Fayette, Alabama  

Pay with check, money order, or PayPal

*Please make payments to:

Fayette Art Museum

Local artists, businesses, schools and private collectors design their own Christmas tree to display throughout the holiday season! There are a variety of trees and decorations to enjoy!  Contact us to be a part of this Christmas event!

About Us

 The Fayette Art Museum was founded in 1969 by Fayette City Council and Jack Black, who was the Musuem's Director for 35 years. It began with the gift from Lois Wilson, a Fayette native, of her art collection, which ultimately totaled 2,600 pieces of her own and of other artists’ work. Wilson died poor and obscure in Yonkers, NY, in 1980 at the age of 75. Black, who died in 2004 at age of 79, shepherded the Fayette Art Museum from its fragile birth to its solid presence as an icon of Southern pride in its arts.

Initially housed in Fayette City Hall, the museum is now located in Fayette 


530 North Temple Ave.

Fayette, AL 35555


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